Nanni Diesel 200 Hour Service

from £170.00

ABC marinas offer a standard engine service where we will perform multiple checks and replace various things for new. Below is an outline on the services we offer.

200 Hour Service

For a standard service we will do the following:

When your engine is stopped

  • Check prop shaft for freedom of movement
  • Check stern tube for leaks
  • Thoroughly check engine space for leaks, loose fastenings and general condition
  • Check engine mounts
  • Check control cables
  • Check condition and tension of alternator drive belt(s)
  • Check security of alternator mounting and wiring
  • Check security of wiring harness and for evidence of chaffing
  • Check for evidence of exhaust leaks and condition of lagging
  • Check security of engine hoses and for evidence of chaffing
    Start engine and run to operating temperature
  • Check instrument panel readings and warning light operation.
  • Check output of alternator (at least 14.2volts)
    Stop engine
  • Change engine oil
  • Change engine oil filter
  • Check air filter (replace if required)
  • Check and if necessary drain water from fuel pre-filter
  • Check gearbox oil level
  • Check level and strength of antifreeze is at least 35%, top up as necessary
  • Check battery voltages and electrolyte levels in any maintainable batteries
  • Check security of battery connections and remove any corrosion from terminals
  • Fill stern tube greaser and take up slack in stern gland, repack if required
  • Clean engine bilges and remove any liquids from area between engine bearers
  • Lubricate ignition switch
    Start engine
  • Check engine control functions correctly and that gear engages smoothly.
  • Check engine runs smoothly through the rev range with no excessive vibration.
  • Visually check for any leaks whilst engine is running.
  • Stop engine, check fuel rack solenoid functions correctly.
  • Re check engine oil level top up if required.
  • Place new oil absorbent pads under the engine.
  • Record engine running hours.
  • Thoroughly clean all deck areas and deck drains.