Turnaround Engineering Inspection

from £49.00

If you are part of a syndicate or own your boat and would like us to check over the mechanical side of things before you continue on your journey, we offer a Turnaround Engineering Inspection where we will do the following:

  • Check your oil levels
  • Check your alternator belts for tension
  • Check the fixtures and fittings are 'sound'
  • Check the battery voltage
  • An engine room pump out (Remove excess water)
  • Check the alternators for charge
  • Check the bilge pump operation
  • Check coolant levels
  • Inspect cables and pipes
  • Check the weed hatch for fouling
  • Inspect the stern gland packing
  • Visual inspection of stern gear
  • Drive and gearing inspection
  • Engine mount inspection / tightening
  • Check oil, fuel & air filters are secure / 'sound'

Upon completion of the inspection, we can make recommendations, if any, as to what will need doing in the near future, such as filter changes, oil changes, belt replacements, mount re-alignment and so on.

Please note parts are not included in the inspection