Plastimo Dog Flotation Vests

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Extra Small £29.50
Small £31.50
Medium £34.50
Large £38.99 £34.99

This buoyancy aid is specially designed for the safety of man's best friend

Your dog will be easily seen thanks to the high visibility fabric used in the design of this special dog vest.

Consisting of a cover filled with light PE foam filling, fitted with dual ventral belts and a single collar belt with buckles that are both easy to adjust and close, this vest will not impair your dog''s freedom of movement.

D-shaped rings fitted on the top of the cover allow easy attachment of a leash, and a strong lifeline attached to the top of the vest makes it easy to quickly pull the animal out of the water.
The vest will also protect your dog against the cold.


  • Extra Small, Buoyancy 6N - Dog Example: Yorkshire
  • Small, Buoyancy 10N - Dog Example: Jack Russel / King Charles
  • Medium, Buoyancy 20N - Dog Example: Spaniel
  • Large, Buoyancy 40N - Dog Example: Labrador / Retriever

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