Muddy Waters Story Books

Story Price In stock at
Any £3.99 £3.33
Jolly Boatman's Lesson £3.33
Poppy at the boat show £3.33
Pearly's welcome to London £3.33
Hamish and the Falkirk Wheel £3.33
Ol' one eye's revenge £3.33
Midsummer Milly £3.33
An ice surprise for Muddy £3.33
Cedric and the bomb £3.33
Dudley's dilemma £3.33
Owen's dancing dragon £3.33

The Muddy Waters story books are a very popular gift with boating holiday makers, as the illustrations and stories are vibrant and fun!

There are 10 books in the collection, which are as follows:

  • Jolly Boatman's Lesson
  • Poppy at the Boatshow
  • Pearly's Welcome to London
  • Hamish & The Falkirk Wheel
  • Ol' One Eye's Revenge
  • Midsummer Milly
  • An Ice Surprise for Muddy
  • Cedric and the Bomb
  • Dudley's Dilemma
  • Owen's Dancing Dragon

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