Tecma Silence Toilet 12V Single Switch


The Tecma is a very efficient toilet using only 2.5 litres of water to clear the bowl reducing the need to empty out the holding tank frequently.

The functioning cycle is completely automatic and eliminates waste water by a high-performance turbine pump that allows waste water drainage up to a height of 11m and a distance of 90m which gives the installer a great amount of freedom when implementing pipe work.

The turbine system, due to its revolving speed, enables a complete fragmentation of the organic residues, which enables the Tecma to eliminate clogging.

Model- C (Centralised)


  • Depth: 430mm
  • Base Depth: 380mm
  • Height: 450mm
  • Base Width: 285mm
  • Body Width: 365mm

Designed to be connected to either a single system or as a centralised system

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