Sterling Pro-S Combi 12V 3500W (PCS123500)


Pro-Combi S Pure Sine Wave Combined Inverter Charger.

The ProCombi range of Inverter /Chargers are straightforward, powerful and robust. With the three functions of Inverter, Battery Charger and 30A changeover switch in one unit, they
are an alternative to separate components where space, simplicity and ease of installation are key considerations.

Inverter 12V 3500W. Charger 110A, 4-step digital. Comes complete with remote control panel and cable. Suitable for equipment that requires a power source similar to a household supply (up to rated continuous load).

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 227 x 512mm.
  • Weight: 24kg. Voltage Input: 230V 50Hz AC and 12V DC Voltage.
  • Output: 230V AC sine wave.
  • Power Output Continuous: 3300W.
  • Power Charge Current: 110A max.
  • Charger Type: 4-step digital.

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