Aquadrive Thrust Assembly Series B10


What is an Aquadrive?

In traditional installations, the engine must be very precisely aligned to the propeller shaft. The thrust of the propeller has to be absorbed by the engine and its mounts. These restrictions demand very stiff mounts which transmit high levels of vibration to the hull.

The Aquadrive anti-vibration system eliminates the need for stiff, hard mounts and for careful engine alignment to the propeller shaft. Instead, the propeller shaft is aligned to an Aquadrive thrust bearing which absorbs all the propeller thrust and stabilizes the alignment.

CV-joint shafts transmit engine power to the thrust-bearing and propeller shaft while allowing engine movements in every direction. Super-soft Aquadrive engine-mounts isolate nearly all vibration from the hull and create the necessary conditions for a smooth and quiet boat.

  • Model: CVB10
  • Shaft: 1.5"

Thrust bearing characteristics

  • Max torque (ØA=1"): 1300 Nm / 969 lbft
  • Max propeller shaft rev: 4000 rpm
  • Max prop. thrust: 11000 N / 2475 lbf

This is the smallest Aquadrive coupling available, suitable for engines with power between 5 and 45hp. This new range has been radically re-designed to save up to 30% in length and 25% in weight. The modular design allows the coupling to be used with most types of marine gearboxes and 17 different shaft sizes. This has been achieved without compromising the systems capacity or performance in any way.

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